For over 7 years the Plastic City Radio Show has been an integral part of the worldwide deep house and tech house scene. The weekly shows have been featured on Ibiza Sonica, Sceen FM, Proton Radio and Mixcloud, among others.

Plastic City Radio Show – Season Seven, has once again featured exclusive tracks produced especially for this compilation. This year’s compilation includes tracks from Terry Lee Brown Junior, Forteba, Youen, Stefan Addo, Ira Ange, Deep Active Sound, Markus Homm, Bucher & Kessidis, Patrick Podage, Tuxedo, Gorge, Supernova, Ecilo, Jürgen Kirsch, Jadele, Mario Da Ragnio, Matthieu B. as well as G.Pal feat. Jonluke, and a complete DJ mix by Markus Homm with this year’s titles.

Season Seven is again a journey through the current electronic music landscape, which has it in itself and fits seamlessly into our ongoing time travel at Plastic City


  1. Terry Lee Brown Junior – Friday
  2. Forteba – Tonal Underground
  3. Youen – Birds & Bees
  4. Stefan Addo – Uitwaaien
  5. Ira Ange & Deep Active Sound – My Secrets
  6. Markus Homm – Manhunt
  7. Bucher & Kessidis – Ednos
  8. Patrick Podage & Youen – River
  9. Tuxedo – Heaven Blossoms
  10. Gorge – As we are
  11. Supernova – Lightscape
  12. Ecilo – Revisited
  13. Jürgen Kirsch – Antelope
  14. Jadele – Locking Eyez
  15. Mario Da Ragnio – Pempleforth
  16. Matthieu B. – Much better
  17. G.Pal feat. Jonluke – Holdin On
  18. Plastic City Radio Show – Season Seven (Continuous DJ Mix by Markus Homm)

Presale on Beatport and iTunes already started. The release date is 12.04.2019.