Everything was better in the old days” has always been questionable. Music-wise we have seen major developments across the genres from the eighties until today. One track that defnitely ruled the clubs in the early years was Transform’s “Transformation“. Justifably considered an absolute cult hit, it seemed reasonable to see if a contemporary remix of such a classic could turn today’s dancefoors upside down just as well as original did in the past.

And hear for yourselves, it can! The original with its raw, puristic and light-footed vibe, spiced up with a hypnotic acid line and topped off with its famous vocal snippet that burned itself into the minds of millions of ravers in the glorious 90s, can certainly be labeled “timeless”.

Andreas Krüger aka “Der Dritte Raum” takes “Transformation” into the 21st century in the tried and tested way that we’ve always known and respected this gentleman for: hypnotic, driving and incredibly sophisticated. This remix honors the original and promises to become a hit itself!