The former German Democratic Republic: There are still countless buildings that have died out since the fall of the Wall and are decaying more and more. Linda and Marius, a young couple, are interested buyers of such a property. Together with her friend Marie, they set off for a visit. There, the nice broker Mrs. Wagner gives them a very special object: a former children’s home. Despite the uninviting atmosphere, Linda and Marius decide to purchase the building. You are sure to have made a real bargain.

But the eerie complex is gradually revealing its dark secret: someone sneaks through the deserted room – someone who has returned home and does not tolerate any guests! At least not alive …

Press comments:

“Director René Rausch treats us to pure goose bumps!” (Deadline Magazin)

“Overall, OSTZONE leaves a very positive impression.” (X-Rated Magazine)

“With Ostzone, director René Rausch has really kicked you out!” (

Ostzone (Trailer)

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