It is difficult to describe the style of Maurice Camplair. Electronic but also organic and alive. Maurice Camplair supposedly lets his feelings and emotions determine the direction of his titles. Sometimes dreamy playful hints in downtempo, sometimes melodies energetically drifting in front of him – but always in love with detail. He likes the little things and the love in details, which make a title reveal surprises even when heard for the sixth time. He doesn’t get much more out of his style. But it doesn’t have to be. Discovering is much more beautiful than expected…

His past includes a lot of songwriting and stage experience with two metal bands, hip-hop titles, ballads, pop, rock and film music. Diversification. Change. Try it out. Deepen. Autodidactics. Substantiation of moments.

He plays piano and guitar – both “but they’re only good enough for songwriting,” he says. A quite modest attitude to his abilities and talent.

The release is available at Beatport from today and at all other download & streaming portals from 20.09.2019.