Just in time for the turn of the year, a special “New Year’s Eve 2021” playlist can now be found on the YouTube channel CiNENET Germany. It includes the found-footage horror film “The Presence“, which has already been shown worldwide on Netflix, the horror classic “The House That Dripped Blood” with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, adventure films such as “The Glorious Seven” and “Time Travel – A Glimpse of the Future Changes Everything” as well as the Roger Corman classics “The Warrior and the Sorceress” and “Wizard of the Lost Kingdom“. Another highlight is the film “A Night in Casablanca” by the Marx Brothers. The playlist (which can be watched only in Germany, Austria & Switzerland) can be viewed here: New Year’s Eve 2021.

CiNENET stands for the new way of watching entire movies and TV episodes online – completely legally and free of charge! On the YouTube channel CiNENET Germany, among others Films in the genres of science fiction, crime, adventure, drama, romance, comedy, mystery, horror, classic films and documentaries can be found in German.

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