Mercury Circle, the brand new project by the two times Finnish Grammy nominated Jaani Peuhu, will release their hotly anticipated debut on August 14th via the label Noble Demon and The Vinyl Division. Today the band from Helsinki, Finland, unleashed a first promising appetizer of what to expect from their upcoming EP, “The Dawn of Vitriol”, with the premiere of a brand new music clip!

Dark metal infused with powerful synth/electro waves and doom – Mercury Circle is creating a diverse offering of atmospheric and darkly music where the songs differ wildly in expression and sonic aesthetics. Truly a genre of its own, grabbing the listener’s attention while establishing their very own kind of “New Doom“. Just enjoy some top notch Finnish melancholy while watching the brand new cinematic and stirring music video for “The Beauty Of Agony“.

Jaani Peuhu about the song: “This was one of the first songs I wrote for MC, so we thought it would also be a good introduction to the world of Mercury Circle. Actually, the very first songs were closer to a kind of funeral doom style, but with this one I took a step back and jumped off that wagon and started to follow my heart with the instrumentation and arrangement. I ended up combining elements from 80’s goth and world music with doom influences. I remember how I felt nervous about the mixture and to me it is always a sign that I am doing something right. I want this band to sound fresh and original and aim for our own sound. This is New Doom.

Mercury Circle - The Beauty Of Agony (Official Music Video)

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