The house music scene is experiencing a revolutionary moment, and Matthieu B. is the pioneer of this movement. The acclaimed house producer and DJ has just released his latest single, “Stomp on the Beat“, setting a new standard for concise beats and dynamic sound. “Stomp on the Beat” is an ode to the essence of house music.

With its pulsating and unmistakable beat, this track is destined to dominate the dance floors around the world. The combination of powerful rhythms and rousing melodies makes “Stomp on the Beat” a unique creation of electronic music.

Matthieu B. has once again managed to push the boundaries of electronic music. His unmistakable sense of the perfect groove and the ability to transmit energy through music make him an outstanding artist. Vocal and melody have changed places, in the foreground the stomp and from the background the sonically deep spoken lyrics echo. The track represents what Matthieu B. calls “Musical Revolution”. He invites the listeners to disengage from conventional sounds and feel the beat. “Stomp on the Beat” is more than just a song – it is an experience that appeals to the senses and rekindles the passion for music.

Fans and music lovers are invited to listen to “Stomp on the Beat” on their favourite streaming platforms and embark on a musical journey of superlatives.

Matthieu B. - Stomp on the Beat (Plastic City)


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