Producers Marco Zaffarano and Andy Lupoli have once again proven their skills with their latest release ‘Extasy’ on the German label Harthouse. This fourth EP from the talented duo offers two outstanding techno tracks that will undoubtedly make the heart of any electronic music lover beat faster.

The title track ‘Extasy’ is a real test of strength in modern techno music, with fast beats and driving bass that immediately captivate the listener. This track is perfect for conquering the dance floor and leaves no room for restraint. The dynamic energy of the track encourages you to surrender to the music and dance the night away. It is a call to surrender to the rhythms and leave the worries of everyday life behind.

The second track, ‘Leave your Body’, complements the pulsating tempo of ‘Extasy’ with a deeper, suggestive mood. The hypnotic synthesisers and heavy, pounding beat create an irresistibly captivating atmosphere that transports the listener to another world. This track is not only deeper and more introspective, but retains an intense energy that is typical of Zaffarano and Lupoli‘s work.

This EP showcases not only the producers’ technical prowess, but also their ability to embed emotional depth and complex textures into their music. Each track on ‘Extasy’ is carefully constructed to be not only acoustic but also emotional, taking listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

With ‘Extasy’, Marco Zaffarano and Andy Lupoli have created a pulsating, vibrant work that pushes the boundaries of techno tracks and accompanies listeners both on the dance floor and in deeper, contemplative moments. Immerse yourself in this captivating musical experience and let yourself be swept away by the energy and intensity that ‘Extasy’ has to offer. This album is a must for anyone who appreciates the powerful synergy of rhythmic brilliance and musical innovation.

Marco Zaffarano & Andy Lupoli - Extasy

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