Each year, the Saas-Fee Film Festival shows movies from Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. The feature film competition of the Saas-Fee Filmfest is interested in free, personal, innovative cinematic approaches and strong, moving stories which challenge viewing and thought habits. „Love Steaks“ has fulfilled these demands entirely and wins the Grand Prize, which was received by main actress Lana Cooper in Saas-Fee. From the Jury’s statement: „Love Steaks“ is a nice example for the fact that many movies are created at the editing suite, as the editing work is the most inspiring time for many directors. Of course, at the editing suite can only be composed what script, direction and actors, what camera and art direction have been delivering. But if the material that was created in the making of the film is so rich and colourful that it inspires the editor to new highs, movies are created, of such density and suggestive force that the audience forgets the cinema surrounding. For this very own way and the highs in editing that it made possible, the Prize of the International Jury goes to „Love Steaks“.Matching to this, there is already an Austrian distributor for the movie: Polyfilm AT brings „Love Steaks“ to the Alpine Republic’s cinemas at the 23th of May, whereas the film starts in cinemas in Germany already at 27th of March.

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