Our little raw flesh love story has just won both the Outstanding Award in Film Editing and the Grand Prize at the First Time Fest of the Museum of Moving Image in Manhattan, which took place from April, 3rd until April, 7th 2014 in New York! This is an incredible honor for the film’s cutter Gesa Jäger, who contributed a good portion to the ingenuity of the movie with her unbelievable talent. The jury has confirmed this in its statement: “The Outstanding Achievement in Editing goes to Gesa Jäger for Love Steaks (Germany), whose editing work – lively, adventurous and precise – brilliantly captures both the breakneck pace of restaurant work and the more languorous, tentative pace of budding romance.” Congratulations, Gesa!!! But there was still more to come – the jury also considered Love Steaks as a whole such a great movie that they awarded it with the Grand Prize of Theatrical Distribution – and this will certainly help us a lot in bringing Love Steaks into cinemas all over the U.S.! Enjoy the jury’s statement here: “Love Steaks (Germany), the Grand Prize Winner of Theatrical Distribution from Cinema Libre Studio, is a beautiful love story, told with candor, that evokes the behind-the-scenes madness of the restaurant and resort world. Funny, audacious, touching, and brilliantly acted and directed.” What else could be said…?

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