Both our much-noticed initial project “Love Steaks” by talented director Jakob Lass as well as the presumably next movie that we are presenting via our new Darling Berlin label, “Familienfieber” (“Family Fever”), directed by Nico Sommer who is known from his current successful movie SILVI, are featured in the competition at the Saarbrücken Film Festival “Max-Ophüls-Preis”!

Despite being produced with just a minimum budget but with a maximum of lifeblood, “Love Steaks” has already gained high attention in the business by winning all four advancement awards at the Filmfest Munich for the first time in history, namely “Best Movie”, “Best Production”, “Best Theatrical Performance” und “Best Script”, and by having caused a sensation at several film festivals around the world (Slamdance, Karlovy Vary, Montréal et al.). In January 2014, the movie was listed in the pre-selection for the German Filmpreis and is thus qualified for the nomination process. It gets a viewing slot at the Berlinale 2014 will make a run at the LOLA.

“Familienfieber” is an experimental German movie that actually has its international premiere at the prestigious Saarbrücken Film Festival. However, the movie is not finished yet – “Familienfieber” is to become an interactive film: Additionally to the already existing project, a follow-up shooting will be realized and alternative story threads are to be produced. This means that the viewer – be it at the cinema, on BluRay/DVD or in the web (via VOD) – has, at certain points in the movie, the possibility to decide how the story should continue. The viewer is able to actively choose between the options A and B. Thus, we want to link the congenial topic of the movie with the self-reflection of the viewer, because every decision he makes for the film plot is actually a decision for himself. Hence, the movie reaches an emotional idealization that, in this intensive way, could never be created with a conventional production.

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