With the premiere in the open air cinema Pompeji this week starts “Lost in the Living” (Darling Berlin) of Robert Manson in the German cinemas. The stars are Aylin Tezel and Tadhg Murphy. The film tells about the Irish musician Oisín, who comes to Berlin with his band for a few gigs. They are looking forward to the city and its legendary nightlife.

When they unpack their things in the hostel, Oisín finds an envelope with money from his father in his pocket. Later, at their concert, everything seems to be going well first – the guys are in a good mood, the audience goes along – as Oisín freaks out right in the middle of the stage.

The anger at his father, who has left the family, and the pain over the death of his mother overpower him and he plunges alone into the Berlin nightlife. When he meets the young, pretty Berliner Sabine and she shows him places far away from the party and tourist hotspots, he seems to find her stop. But Oisín continues to float; his trip to Berlin becomes a tour de force. “Lost in the Living” is a tribute to the longing Berlin, in which one can drift wonderfully, but also quickly lose.


With Lost in the Living” by director Robert Manson we can look forward to a new beloved Darling Berlin in our cinemas. A wild and tender Berlin trip through the nightlife. “(Arthouse Cinema)

“The film’s strong points include the two leading actors Tadhg Murphy and Aylin Tezel, who have an impact even when they have little to do or talk about.” Narayan Van Maele‘s camera takes pictures away from well-known homages to Berlin as a place of longing; she also translates well the drifting, the light, indecisive, but openness-driven movement into the visual, and she has a sense of good observation and small, valid moments.” (Filmdienst)

“But those who would like to let go of themselves to let themselves drift in a river of impressions, find here a nice break from everyday life.” (Movie reviews)

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