Experience the ultimate summer magic with the latest release of Loft 15 ABeachside Bliss“! This fantastic EP will immediately put you in the holiday mood and give you unforgettable good times.

With its refreshing house sound that captures the perfect summer feeling, “Beachside Bliss” is the perfect soundtrack for your sunny days at the beach. The thrilling beats and melodic sounds will make you feel the sun on your skin and smell the salt in the air, even when you are at home. As an additional highlight, this product features an exclusive remix by Daniel Kraus, a renowned DJ and producer. His unique interpretation of “Beachside Bliss” will delight you with its creative approach and innovative sound.
With “Beachside Bliss” you get not only an exceptional listening experience, but also a high-quality sound quality. So grab your sunglasses, put on your favourite summer outfit and let “Beachside Bliss” take you on a musical journey full of joy and excitement. Get your copy of “Loft 15 A – Beachside Bliss” today and enjoy the summer like never before!

Loft 15 A - Beachside Bliss (Plastic City)


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