LOFT 15 A proudly presents “Bass Care“, their third spectacular release on the German label Plastic City. This EP offers a fascinating fusion of deep house and Latin elements, creating an unmistakable musical signature. Bass Care” opens a door to a world of exotic rhythms and profound melodies that together create a unique listening experience.

Experience how “Bass Care” pushes the boundaries of traditional musical genres and creates an innovative soundscape. The urgent yet mellow tonality of each composition on this EP invites you to reorient yourself musically and find inspiration in the rich sonic textures. The unique combination of lush deep house beats and lively Latin rhythms makes for a refreshing and energising musical experience.

Bass Care” is more than just a collection of music – it is an invitation to dive into a deeper level of musical perception. Each track is carefully arranged to not only entertain, but to send listeners on an auditory journey that transcends everyday experience. Whether for the quiet hours at home or as an accompaniment to lively parties, this EP is sure to broaden musical horizons.

Get “LOFT 15 A – Bass Care” today and secure your ticket to an unrivalled sound experience. Available on all major platforms, this EP is a must for anyone who appreciates deep beats and exotic melodies. Immerse yourself in the world of LOFT 15 A and let “Bass Care” take you to new musical shores. Your musical collection will thank you and your spirit will be revitalised by the new rhythms.

Loft 15 A - Bass Care (Full Track Video) | Plastic City

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