From today two vinyl editions of the album “Impius Viam” by the Swedish band Night Crowned are available in a strictly limited edition on the Noble Demon label. Bringing together former and current members of legendary acts such as Dark Funeral, Nightrage and Cipher System, the album “Impirus Viam” is a true revival of the sounds emanating from the most influential acts and masterpieces of the Scandinavian 90s scene.

The strictly limited vinyl versions of the album “Impius Viam” are available in two versions: 200 copies in the “Gatefolded 2×12″ Black Vinyl Edition” and 100 copies in the “Gatefolded 2×12″ Splattered Gold Edition“. In addition to these vinyl editions, the album is still available worldwide on CD and from all download and streaming services:


Reborn (Official Music Video)

IRA (Official Music Video)

Unholy Path (Official Lyric Video)

More information about the band: Night Crowned