As of today, several different vinyl editions, the album on CD in a digipak as well as federal T-shirts of the album “Hädanfärd” by the Swedish band Night Crowned are available in strictly limited editions on the Noble Demon label. With 9 atmospheric tracks, supported by individual written down interpretations and the performance of K. Romlin, “Hädanfärd” is an album that will most likely make Night Crowned stand out as one of Sweden’s best kept Blackened Death Metal secrets.

The strictly limited vinyl versions of the album “Hädanfärd” will be available in three versions: In the “Gatefolded 2×12″ Black Vinyl Edition“, the “Gatefolded 2×12″ Ghost Silver Marble Edition” and the “Gatefolded 2×12″ Transparent Orange Edition“. In addition to these vinyl editions, the album will also be released worldwide on CD and available on all download and streaming services. In addition, there will also be a small number of bundles of the individual recordings with a T-Shirt.


Nattkrönt (Official Lyric Video)

Night Crowned - Nattkrönt (Official Teaser)

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