Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the pulsating world of Kevin Borges with his groundbreaking debut EP ‘Bloated’, exclusively on Plastic City! Experience the fusion of danceable and deep house sounds that will take you on an unforgettable electronic journey. From the hypnotising sounds of ‘Bloated’ to the infectious energy of ‘Byte Groove’ and the futuristic atmosphere of ‘Techrift’, every track on this EP is a journey for the senses.

Let yourself be carried away by the powerful and pulsating rhythms as you lose yourself in a sea of electronic sounds. Kevin Borges unleashes a creative energy and innovation that redefines the boundaries of electronic music. Be there when he takes the stage and revolutionises the world of electronic music.

Get your copy of this mesmerising EP now and discover the unique musical vision of Kevin Borges, only on Plastic City.

Kevin Borges - Bloated | Plastic City

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