Johnny Deep‘s latest release, “It’s Freedom”, is his third single to be released and represents a significant step forward in his musical career. Released through the renowned German label Plastic City, this EP cements Johnny Deep‘s position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of deep house.

The “It’s Freedom” EP is characterized by its deep, driving and atmospheric sound, typical of the deep house genre, but with a fresh and dynamic touch from Johnny Deep. The EP features two main tracks: the titular song “It’s Freedom” and “Aka Deep”, both carefully crafted to not only entertain but also evoke deeper emotional responses.

The EP’s lead track, “It’s Freedom”, brings a mixture of pulsating basslines and clear, haunting melodies that together create an uplifting atmosphere. This track is ideal for the late hours on the dance floor or for introspective moments alone. With “Aka Deep”, Johnny Deep takes a step further into the depths of the deep house genre. The track offers a more subtle, yet equally engaging experience with complex layering and a clever use of synths and pads that put the listener in a meditative mood.

With this release, Johnny Deep sets new standards for artistic integrity and innovation in the deep house genre. The collaboration with Plastic City, a label known for its quality releases, helps to bring his music to a global audience and strengthen his reputation as an innovative artist. This EP is aimed at lovers of deep house and electronic music who are looking for fresh sounds and deep musical experiences. It’s also a great addition to the collections of DJs who want to enrich their sets with unique tracks that both move the audience and make them think.

Johnny Deep‘s “It’s Freedom” is more than just a music release; it is an expression of artistic freedom and emotional depth. Immerse yourself in the world of Johnny Deep and experience deep house in a way that both enriches and inspires. Get your copy of this impressive EP and let the music be your guide.

Johnny Deep - It's Freedom | Plastic City

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