Johnny Deep, a rising star in the deep house scene, is pleased to present his debut single “Deep Blue” on the German label Plastic City. This release marks a significant milestone in his career and introduces Johnny Deep as an artist to be taken seriously in the electronic music scene.

Deep Blue” consists of two tracks that not only capture the essence of deep house, but also offer a fresh perspective on the genre.

Deep Blue“, the title track of the EP, is an exquisite display of Johnny Deep’s ability to create profound and atmospheric soundscapes. The combination of smooth, melodic basslines and carefully chosen synths provides a hypnotic experience that takes the listener on an emotional and calming journey through the depths of the ocean.

The track “Deep Rollin” complements the calm vibes of “Deep Blue” with a slightly more dynamic energy. “Deep Rollin” is characterised by its rhythmic beat and catchy melodies that create a perfect balance between relaxation and invigorating dance music. This track is ideal for long nights on the dance floor or as a soothing soundtrack for everyday life.

Deep Blue” is a must for all lovers of deep house beats. Whether you’re a DJ looking for new tracks to add to your set or a music enthusiast looking to expand your playlist, this EP has something for everyone. The deep, resonant beats are suitable for both intimate listening sessions and lively club nights.

With “Deep Blue“, Johnny Deep has delivered an impressive calling card that firmly establishes his name in the realm of electronic music. This EP is not only a testament to his technical prowess and creative expression, but also a taste of what we can expect from this talented artist in the future. Get your copy of “Deep Blue” and let yourself be seduced by Johnny Deep’s unique take on the deep house genre.

Johnny Deep - Deep Blue (Full Track Video) | Plastic City

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