After the film “Interpol” (German title: “Der Mann, den keiner kannte“) by John Gilling was already released as a limited media book in autumn 2019, the film is now being released as a nonrestricted available DVD in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Among the actors* are: Victor Mature (“Samson and Delilah“), Trevor Howard (“The Third Man“) and Anita Ekberg (“The Sweet Life“). The Film Noir from 1957 is also known under the English title “Pickup Alley“.


Interpol Commissioner Charles Sturgis (Victor Mature) persistently chases the drug dealer Frank McNally (Trevor Howard), who has been searching for years. McNally, who also has his hunter’s sister on his conscience, has gone into a facial surgery. But at the latest after the death of his sister Helen (Dorothy Alison) in New York, the professional investigation has become something personal.

Sturgis is obsessed with McNally and so his private vendetta drives him from New York via London, Rome and Athens back to the US.

Equipment and technical data of the DVD

Film in the original CinemaScope widescreen format, artwork gallery, original trailer with preface by Congressman Hale Boggs | Aspect ratio: widescreen 2.35: 1 (anamorphic), black and white film | Running time: 88 min | Sound format: German DD 2.0, English DD 2.0 | FSK 16


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