Kellwitts Dream“, Image Beat‘s third release on Time Unlimited, opens a new chapter in the world of trance music. This work differs significantly from its vocal-heavy predecessor “Your Soul” by pushing the boundaries of the trance genre and transporting listeners to an enchanted musical landscape.

The song combines catchy melodies with infectious rhythms, creating a captivating atmosphere that is both hypnotising and energetic. The pulsating beats and hypnotic soundscapes in “Kellwitts Dream” invite you to fully immerse yourself in the music and experience a journey so unique that it invigorates the senses and elevates the listening experience to a new level.

Image Beat‘s ability to break conventional musical moulds and create something truly innovative is evident in “Kellwitts Dream“. This track is not only a testament to Image Beat‘s continued creative growth, but also a shining example of the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the trance genre.

Image Beat - Kellwitts Dream (Full Version) | Time unlimited

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