Queen of Niendorf” (German: “Königin von Niendorf”) has been awarded “Children’s Film of the Year 2018” by the Association of German Film Critics (VdFK). The award ceremony took place on Monday evening (February 02, 2019) during the 69th Berlinale in Berlin. The film by Joya Thome prevailed against the blockbuster “The Little Witch” (German: “Die kleine Hexe“). The award is the only German film prize awarded exclusively by film critics.

Content of the film:

Summer holidays have just begun in Brandenburg, but ten-year-old Lea (Lisa Moell) is not going to summer camp with her friends this year as usual. In fact findet she finds the other girls in her school increasingly strange. And so Lea mostly turns alone on her bicycle through the village and visits the musician and dropout Mark (Mex Schlüpfer), who lives on a wild farm. One day, during one of her forays, Lea observes five boys lifting a large oil barrel over the fence of the paint factory and speeding off with their prey on a bicycle trailer.

Lea’s curiosity is aroused. At the next opportunity she follows the boys and discovers that they have built a raft on a small lake. But the raft is the property of the gang, and girls are not allowed. Lea, however, wants to be accepted into the gang and makes a test of courage. And from then on the summer seems to be full of adventures.

Königin von Niendorf (Trailer)

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