Fish in the Fur” (Artkeim²), the remarkable youth adventure film that provides an intensive examination of topics such as youth, diversity, environmental protection and the digital world, will be presented at this year’s Protestant Church Congress in Nuremberg.

The screening is scheduled for Friday 9, June 2023, at 7.30 pm in Nuremberg’s Meistersingerhalle.

This film with the original German title “Fisch im Fell” stands out for its unique story, ranging from a fire in a Harz youth group hut to the discovery of a secret cave in the Alps. Viewers are taken on a captivating journey through a thousand kilometres of adventure and discovery.

The special feature of “Fish in the Fur” is the active participation of young people from the Harz region. These young people not only play the main roles in the film, but were also closely involved in the production process, resulting in a profound and authentic insight into the experiences and challenges of today’s youth.

Frederick Lau and Dieter Hallervorden, two well-known actors in the German film industry, enrich the film with their roles as youth deacon and guest stars. Their experience and acting skills contribute significantly to the quality of the film.

Director Dean Benzin, who grew up in Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate, and screenwriter Christian Pasquariello have together created an impressive and moving film.

UCM.ONE and the film label Artkeim², specialised in the production and release of high-quality films, present this film with great sympathy and commitment. The screening of “Fish in the Fur” at the Protestant Church Congress in Nuremberg will be an important highlight of the event.


It is supposed to be more than just an excursion. Once a year, the village youth group goes away for a few days to experience fellowship and leisure away from home. But this time it is to be more than just fun and recreation. Much more. After a serious fire, the meeting place of six youths, a small hut, is completely destroyed, revealing a casket hidden under the floorboards. The mysterious contents call the group around Lydia to South Tyrol in the mountains. For Theo in his wheelchair, the tour is unthinkable. But he, of all people, is enthusiastic about the idea. He loves the mountains, for him the trip would be a dream. After initial scepticism, Sarah, Johanna, Finn and Luca agree. The journey begins. The destination is a cave near the summit.

Not only the encounter with the transgender punk Ninja causes tensions in the group, but also the hike with the experienced mountain guide Peter brings up fears and self-doubt among the young people. The repercussions tug at the cohesion of the teens among themselves. Can they reach their goal despite the difficulties? And what will await them when they solve the riddle of the mysterious find from the silver capsule?

Fisch im Fell | Trailer (deutsch) ᴴᴰ

Fisch im Fell | Trailer 2 (German) ᴴᴰ

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