A follower of groovy and mental techno, Shydow (aka Asio) is an artist who always aims to compose music that keeps the aesthetic and underground culture alive. After two decades of activity under different nicknames, he decided to continue his journey under the name Shydow to reflect his new influence: deeper, more techno, more tribal.
On june 24th, 2022 he will release his debut album entitled “Dawn of Man” on Harthouse which was composed during the lockdown. After DJing exclusively for a few years, he began releasing his own music. Shydow is now synonymous with the new generation techno sound.
Three singles from the album will be released before the Albumrelease in June.

The album opener “Spkaa” is now available and sets the direction of the long player: an incredibly clear, warm, differentiated sound with hypnotic beats.

Shydow - Spkaa (Teaser) | Harthouse

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