FILMSTADT (short: FLMSTDT) is a series about the inhabitants of the media landscape. We accompany Melinda, a young actress and George, an unsuccessful ex-film student, as they struggle through the film and television world. Mostly with a wink, but also dramatically we portray our situation (also and especially in Hamburg), which changes from the “Generation Internship” to the “Generation Existential Fear”.

This series was not produced by any TV station, but independently supported by the German initiative “UnsereSerien“. Written, staged and produced by Dennis Albrecht, who brings in a lot of biography and anecdotes from 17 years of film business. Many TV series feature actors in guest roles, e.g. Oliver Hermann, Elke Jochmann & Wolfgang Hartmann (all alpha team), Ulrike Kargus & Niklas Osterloh (Red Roses), Tokessa Martinius & Norman Kalle (GZSZ) or Jan Stapelfeldt (Marienhof, GSG9).

Filmstadt - Die Serie | Trailer

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All episodes can be seen on the YouTube channel CiNENET Serien (German language only): Filmstadt – Die Serie (Directors’ Cut)