Ihr Dunkler Punkt

Original Title Ihr Dunkler Punkt
International Title Her Skeleton in the Closet
Release Date 2023-Nov-03
Original Languages German
Country of Origin Germany
Dubs German
Year 1929
Runtime 96 Minuten
Genre Drama, Silent Movie
Director Johannes Guter
Cast Lilian Harvey, Harry Halm, Willy Fritsch

Baroness Lilian registers at a hotel and is promptly arrested because she looks so much like the jewel thief Yvette. However, when the jeweller who stole the jewels mentions that the real thief had a dark spot on her thigh, Lilian, who is missing that very spot, is exonerated. When the elegant Erik Termeulen also mistakes her for the criminal, Lilian decides to put an end to the confusion and track down her doppelganger. She meets the real Yvette in Nice and learns that a gang is after Erik’s jewels.

IMBD https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0020015/
TMDB https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/627603-ihr-dunkler-punkt
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