Welcome to the exciting universe of electronic music! We proudly present the third release of ASK:ME & El Muerto on the German label Harthouse.

With a powerful combination of driving beats, acid sounds and mesmerizing melodies, “Delusions” takes youon a musical journey full of energy and passion. The pulsating basslines and catchy synthesizers create acaptivating atmosphere that is guaranteed to get you dancing. This track is an absolute floor filler that makesevery party tremble.

Hallucination“, on the other hand, transports you into a surreal sound landscape that captivates with its multi-layered sound effects and mysterious sounds. The dark vibes and mysterious elements let your thoughtswander and create a sense of trance and ecstasy. This track is perfect for all lovers of experimental electronicmusic who like to explore new sound worlds.

The “Delusion EP” is an absolute must for every fan of electronic music. With its unique mix of power andhumor, it stands out from the crowd and offers an incomparable listening experience.

ASK:ME & El Muerto - Delusion | Harthouse


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