The Timewriter‘s new album “Dear Human Being” on the Plastic City label is a very profound prayer and plea for humanity and its conversion back to and reconciliation with its Creator. At its heart, its warmth and urgency, it also reminds us that all human beings are one family and are.
He is one of the defining artists for the Plastic City label. Free of trends and currents, he remains true not only to himself, but also to the label.
In 1994, The Timewriter began creative work on his first album. In 2023 he is now releasing his twelfth album, eight of which he has released under the name The Timewriter and four more under the names JFC and Jean F. Cochois.

The Timewriter has invited artists again this time. With Lukasz Korybalski on the flugelhorn and the singers Ojochidé, Tony Mac and Sheddz on the microphone, these artists set the mood of the album.

Even if terms like deep house and listening could describe the musical style of the album, they are mere clichés and pigeonholes that cannot do justice to this album.

So we invite you to listen for yourself, to feel for yourself and to think for yourself.

The Timewriter – Dear Human Being

(Limitied 2xLP in orange vinyl)



A1 The Only Way

A2 Clean My Heart

A3 One Blood


B1 The Mechanics of Oppression

B2 Light And Salt

C1 Days Of Deception

C2 Death Of The Jester

C3 In My Father’s Arms


D1 Dear Human Being

D2 Word For Word

Current videos:

The Timewriter - One Blood ( Plastic City) I Teaser

The Timewriter - Clean My Heart (Plastic City) I Teaser

The Timewriter - Days Of Deception (Plastic City) I Offical Video

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