The actresses Clara Schramm and Naomi Achternbusch won the Best German Actress Award at “Preis der deutschen Filmkritik” for their roles in the film Ugly & Blind (German: “Blind & Hässlich”) by Tom Lass, awarded on the occasion of the Berlinale 2018. The film was also nominated for the best male actor (Tom Lass) and for the best editing.


“The circumstances are unusual enough: one plays someone who is blind, the other someone who plays to be blind.” Their common language is the highly funny image of two hormone-obsessed millenial fry, their friendship is credible, along with the ease and Point accuracy that Clara Schramm and Naomi Achternbusch give to their characters, with the absurd humor, the emotionality, and a self-evident body control, the two are heart-warming authentic – and simply spectacular. “

Laudator: Jenni Zylka (Spiegel Online)

Ugly & Blind (Trailer)

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