The YouTube channel CiNENET Germany reached 100,000 subscribers today. CiNENET Deutschland is one of 15 CiNENET film channels with currently more than 2,500 films and series as well as 300 documentaries in German and English that belong to UCM.ONE. In addition to the two main channels for films in German and English, there are special interest channels for series and children’s films, genre channels for horror, sci-fi, western and arthouse as well as documentary channels filled with biographies, travel guides and historical topics.

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The marketing form AVoD (advertised-video-on-demand), which forms the basis for marketing at CiNENET, is the fourth most common form of digital film marketing, alongside DTO (download-to-own), TVoD (transactional-video-on-demand) and SVoD (subscription-video-on-demand). Revenues are generated by advertising, which is displayed in the environment of the films. AVoD marketing has been an economically steadily growing market for years, as consumers can watch the films supposedly “for free” (as with private TV stations), but in reality they pay with their time by watching advertisements.

Here you can go directly to the Youtube channel: CiNENET Deutschland*

* (unfortunately most of the movies on this channel can only seen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So it may be that the channel looks very empty if you’re visiting the channel from a country outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland).