On 21.09.2023, the cinema premiere of the arthouse science fiction film “Junk Space Berlin” took place in the almost sold-out Berlin cinema in the KulturBrauerei (Prenzlauer Berg).

After the screening, producer, director and writer Juri Padel and playwright Vera Schindler as well as the actors Tamara Semzov, Thomas Schimanski, Selin Kavak, Carolin Haupt, Komi Togbonou und Marta Sroka answered questions from the interested audience in a film discussion.

Junk Space Berlin” opened in selected cinemas nationwide on 21.09.2023.

Junk Space Berlin” is a bizarrely provocative film that resembles a hallucination during a Berlin club night. Director Juri Padel portrays Berlin, which is divided by an inexplicable “crack”, as a metaphor for the former East-West divide. In this post-apocalyptic city, various characters, including hackers, preppers and musicians, search for a mysterious musician. The film is characterised by visual glitches and has a hallucinogenic tone.

The audience is led through a world between digital and analogue, reality and illusion. The narrative is supported by lively acting performances that are strongly reminiscent of theatre.

The narrative plays with contemporary times and discourses, including socio-political commentary. “Junk Space Berlin” conveys a sense of loss and distance from the present. In the end, the question of identity and place remains in the darkness of Berlin.


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