Boris Brejcha’s first part of the fourth album “Feuerfalter (Part 1)” [English: “Fire Butterfly (Part 1)“] is like the description of a fire butterfly and at the same time a kind of review of Boris Brejcha‘s impressive career. This is how it feels when Boris Brejcha makes music. “Feuerfalter” is an album in two parts, that consciously shows how versatile the artist is. Sometimes floating slightly, sometimes flapping the wing wildly, always full of passion. The influences of his travels and appearances shape his art again and again.

Boris Brejcha‘s music is just as colorful, diverse and lively as butterflies. There are almost 180,000 different species in 127 families. Boris Brejcha‘s sound is like a “fire butterfly”. On the one hand, the butterfly can relax and be carried by the wind, but on the other hand, it can also use steam and fire to take a fall or low-altitude flight.

This creates music that can accompany its audience all day long: at home, in a relaxed atmosphere or at night when it comes to the clubs. His tracks sound diverse. The individuality is turned even further on “Feuerfalter (Part 1)“. Brejcha even picks up his fans’ desire to weave a few quieter tracks into his cosmos.