From today, “Berlin Bytch Love” can be seen in selected cinemas across Germany. The documentary is also celebrating its theatrical release premiere at the Krokodil cinema in Berlin on the Darling Berlin film label. The film takes an unvarnished look at the lives of Sophie (15) and Dominik (17), who have been living on the streets around Berlin’s G√∂rlitzer Park for six months. Their story is characterized by unconditional love, the struggle to survive and the constant search for a place in society. Despite the challenges of pregnancy and the threat of legal consequences for crimes committed, the film also shows moments of hope and new beginnings.

Berlin Bytch Love” was directed by Heiko Aufdermauer and Johannes Girke, who set themselves the goal of offering an intimate and non-judgmental insight into the lives of young people who exist outside of safety, education and security. Over the course of two years, they accompanied Sophie and Dominik on their journey from the streets to a home of their own and created a film from over 100 hours of footage that blurs the boundaries between documentary and feature film.


Sophie, 15, and Dominik, 17, have been living on the streets around G√∂rlitzer Park for six months. Their everyday life is characterized by a struggle for survival, including sleeping in doorways, collecting bottles and begging. Despite the difficult circumstances, their relationship remains strong. The film also sheds light on Sophie’s pregnancy and Dominik’s upcoming trial for several criminal offenses.

In Germany, half a million people are considered homeless – and almost 30,000 of them are under the age of 18. In Berlin alone, around 3,000 young people live on the streets. As their status is usually unclear, no help reaches them. They are at risk of violence, illness, cold and abuse.


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