1996 Terry Lee Brown Junior releases “Impact State” as part of his wellknown & legendary “Brother For Real” album on the then still young label Plastic City. In 2020 is was time to re-release a remastered version of this great track alongside a “Next Generation Remix“. Who could fit better than Terry’s longtime buddy and also an electronic pioneer–> Tom Wax. Enjoy this Masterpiece of Music!

Terry Lee Brown Junior has long been one of the most famous German producers and DJs abroad. In the USA and Great Britain, Terry has achieved pop star status with his diverse productions and DJ sets: Techno, house, jazz, downbeat, trance and breakbeat flow together with virtuosity in Terry Lee Brown Junior.

This brings him, among other things, praise from house legend Marshall Jefferson, who once raved about him in an interview with the words: “He is God”.

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