The award-winning documentary “Barricade” (NONFY Documentaries), which documents the courageous resistance of climate activists in Dannenröder Forst against the clearing for a new motorway route, is also available on DVD and online from today.

Photographer and director David Klammer‘s film captures the extraordinary story of the activists who occupied the forest in October 2019 and lived in tree houses for over a year to create an alternative living and open space. The film follows them from September to December 2020, when the clearing began and the last tree fell with the last tree house on 8 December.

Barricade” has been shown at renowned film festivals such as the Snowdance Film Festival, the Auroville Film Festival and the Kassel Dokfest and has won numerous awards. David Klammer, an acclaimed photojournalist, has already received several grants and awards for his work, including the German Prize for Science Photography and the Vonovia Award for Photography.

David Klammer carried out the entire filming process alone – from directing to camera to editing – offering an unparalleled insight into the protests and the lives of the activists in the forest.

At a time when climate change is becoming increasingly urgent, “Barricade” offers a powerful portrait of commitment, courage and resistance. Its release on DVD and online will make this important story accessible to an even wider audience.

The press has already praised “Barricade” as “an angry film” (Kino-Zeit) and as a “bow to the protest and ideals of the squatters” (Der Freitag).

Equipment & technical data

DVD: Aspect ratio: 1080p25 (2,39:1 letterboxed) | Lenght: 83 Min | Sound: German 2.0 und  5.1 Stereo | Subtitle: English | Bonus material: Outtakes / Photo gallery | Rating: FSK 6    

Digital: Aspect ratio: 2,39:1 | Lenght: 83 Min | Language: German | Subtitle: English, French, Spanish | Rating: FSK 6    

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David Klammer about"Barricade" (German)

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