“37” is a sensual, intense journey into the life of a young man. Marc is a surfer and lives his life freely in the day. But everything changes. After many strokes of fate he dreams of turning back time, would like to undo everything. But what would be then? Who would he never have met? What conversations had he never had? Which moments he never lived through? He looks back. And he realizes that life always means pain. But also joy…

Against the dramatic line, Chris Brügge tells of a young man and his encounters with important people in his life. Embedded in the context of climate change, “37” becomes a journey from loss to love of life.

Screenplay, production & direction: Chris Brügge

Producer: Christopher Cornelsen

Actors/Actresses: Alexander Milo, Mette Lysdahl, Jeff Zach, Isabelle Mann, Nadine Dubois, Markus Wentlandt, Pero Radicic

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