Eight people come together on a farm in the middle of nowhere. All of them are related by blood, friendship or love to Anton, who escaped his old life and disappeared some years ago and who has now invited them to celebrate his 30th birthday. Anticipating the reunion with their lost son, they put old grievances and injuries aside at first; however, as time passes without Anton showing up, frustration and anger resurface among the waiting. With old conflicts rising from the dead at every turn, the eagerly awaited party turns into a boiling family battle…

The history of director John Kolya Reichart’s own family plays an important role in his graduate project. He wanted to make a movie about a broken family that had to face its conflicts before being offered the chance to recover.

“Antons Fest” (“Party of Eight”) is now playing in cinemas in Germany – for more information on the movie click here: http://www.darlingberlin.de/antons-fest.html

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