His singles “Solstice” and “Simulation” (which is available since today) have given us quite a foretaste of what is finally coming out on the label Plastic City: Youen’s much anticipated “Sugar Space” album is at the ready.
Right with the kickoff track “About Alice“, a deep house stomper, Youen sets the bar high. And the groove continues alongside his fellow-countryman and buddy Patrick Podage, whose music we’ve known and appreciated for years. “Lift-Off” is a razor-sharp collabo track in which both chefs throw together their special ingredients. As demonstrated so perfectly in his two previous releases Youen manages to weld together highly atmospheric soundscapes with inexorable percussive constructions.
Be it the track “Isolation“, the amazing “Wasted” or as wonderfully proven in another collabo track called “Midnight Blue” with Mastra, they all make us fall in love this Swiss talent’s trademark sound. But hey, Youen is not a savant. Just listen to “Mina“, “Lockdown” and “”Solstice” and you’ll see how versatile this guy is. All tracks got this proper peaktime DNA and extremely cool understatement mentality. Youen can absolutely not be pigeonholed but proves himself to be a musical allrounder.

Last but not least this beautiful ride comes to a glorious end with track nummer 11, a final collabo track with Bird. With this stunner summery higher feelings and moving hips are guaranteed to be all over the place. The perfect ending of a ingeniously compiled album.

Solicite (single): Available since September 25. | The Simulation (Single): Available everywhere from today. | Sugar Space (Album): Available today at Beatport & Spotify, from October 23 at all download portals & streaming services.