Stephan Straka aka Sikora is a producer of electronic music. True statement yet neither does it do justice to this guy’s incredible dedication to music nor to his actual skills of creating new sounds and pushing boundaries.
We’d rather like to call him a “musical scientist” or even a “surgeon” since he is a stickler for details and works hyper-accurately. Hence it’s a real pleasure to finally share his full album Weitermachen! with you.
Kicking it off with the track “Registratur” we’re served a little foretaste of what sound spheres we can expect to encounter during the course of listening to Sikora’s journey. He is definitely not the guy to back off from heavy distortion and a certain roughness. Quite the opposite since it is what makes his music so musically and experimental. Thanks to a softer pace as in “The Second Minute” or “Unentschuldigt” to a ambient masterpiece named “Heimweg” up to some heavy dancefloor vibes as in “Plough” we can truly speak of a journey through Sikora‘s space during which the listeners face all kinds of emotional sound experiences.
Yes, the term musical journey has very often been used yet Sikora gives this phrase a whole new meaning and justifies the metaphor easily.

So to all music enthusiasts looking for a sophisticated sound adventure, to all open-minded music lovers who are hungry for something new and all those who like to get lost in an amazing sound cosmos: dinner’s ready!