With the two films “Der Mann, den keiner kannte” (1957) by John Gilling and “Das Todeshaus am Fluss” (1950) by Fritz Lang, UCM.ONE launches the Édition Film Noir on the label Artkeim², on which more Film Noir pearls will be released regularly in the future. The films will be released both physically and digitally, with the first physical edition appearing in a limited edition in a media booklet with an elaborate booklet.

In “Der Mann, den keiner kannte(English title: “Interpol“) are u.a. Victor Mature (“Samson and Delilah”), Trevor Howard (“The Third Man”), who was one of the most prominent English-speaking character actors for decades, and former Miss Sweden’s Anita Ekberg (“The Sweet Life”). In the movie “Das Todeshaus am Fluss(English title “House by the River“), the main roles include Louis Hayward (“The Strange Woman”), Lee Bowman (“The Gentleman Killer”) and Jane Wyatt (“Father Knows Best”) occupied.

Der Mann, den keiner kannte (English title: “Interpol”) [1957] by John Gilling

In the film “Der Mann, den keiner kannte” (original English title: “Interpol“), Interpol Commissioner Charles Sturgis (Victor Mature) chases the drug dealer Frank McNally (Trevor Howard), who has been wanted for years. McNally, who also killed the sister of his hunter, went into hiding after a face operation. But at the latest after the death of his sister Helen (Dorothy Allison) in New York, the professional investigations became something personal. Sturgis is obsessed with McNally and so his private vendetta drives him from New York via London, Rome and Athens back to the USA.

Das Todeshaus am Fluss (English title: “House by the River”) [1950] by Fritz Lang

The unsuccessful writer Stephen Byrne lives in the movie “Das Todeshaus am Fluss” (English title: “House by the River“) with his wife Marjorie in a Victorian-looking villa on the banks of a river in the southern states. Humiliated by another failure, he gets drunk and imitates young maid Emily. When she begins to scream loudly in his approach attempt, he strangles her in the affect. To get rid of the body as inconspicuously as possible, he asks his limping brother John for help. The bachelor John, an accountant, has helped his brother more often in the past, such as financing his lavish lifestyle – John first wants to report the murder to the police, but then gets himself persuaded by Stephen out of brotherhood to help. Finally, they sink the victim in the river in a sack tied to an anchor.

Nº 1 (“Der Mann, den keiner kannte“) and Nº 2 (“Das Todeshaus am Fluss“) in the series “Édition Film Noir” will be released in September and October 2019 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.