UCM.ONE releases the movie “Survive!” (German title: “Überleben”) by René Cardona in Germany on the label M-Square Classics on October 25, 2019, including the completely remastered theatrical version in HD and the 22-minute longer original version in SD as a limited Mediabook with Blu-Ray and DVD plus a booklet with 16 pages. The cinema version will also be available on download portals and streaming services. This film is the well-known and shocking original classic that tells of the survival struggle of a young rugby team following the crash of the Fuerza Aérea-Uruguaya flight 571.

In October 1972, a plane carrying a young Uruguay rugby team crashes over the Andes. In the crash, some of the passengers lost their lives, as did the pilots of the aircraft. Although the search for the wreckage of the plane at 3,800 meters is underway, the hope of the survivors disappears day by day. When the food gets scarce and an avalanche buries the wreck, they face a difficult decision: should they eat the frozen bodies of the dead in order to survive?

About the last moments just before the rescue one of the survivors said:

“When we heard the helicopters coming to rescue us, the society suddenly came back with its taboos and everything related to it. I sometimes think that back then we were like animals. But there was no egoism, there were not as many things up there as found in our society. We stayed alive because we helped each other. “

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