The strictly limited vinyl edition of the album “Lidless” by the Finnish progressive metal band Humavoid is on sale on the Noble Demon label via Bandcamp as of today. “Lidless” is an album filled with an unpredictable mix of prog metal that effortlessly jumps between chaos and melodic singalongs. The individual songs – some of which contain highly dosed, improvised drum arrangements – are connected to one another by a few eerily beautiful piano improvisations by the singer / keyboardist Suvimarja Halmetoja. The guest performance of the great jazz pianist Iiro Rantala on the song “Aluminum Rain” shows additional spontaneity.

The strictly limited vinyl version of the album “Lidless” will be available as the “Gatefolded Splattered 2×12″ Edition “and also contains 3 exclusive bonus tracks. In addition to this vinyl edition, the album is still available worldwide on CD and on all download portals and streaming services:


Lidless (Official Music Video)

Aluminum Rain [feat. Iiro Rantala] (Official Music Video)

Fortune For Demise (Official Lyric Video)

More information about the band: Humavoid