As of today, CiNENET Germany will be able to find the special playlist “Halloween 2020 Horror Special” with scary and bloody films especially for Halloween. Have fun scary!

In this year’s Halloween Halloween 2020 | ‘Trick or Treat’ Horror Special Playlist features over 40 full-length films. The following horror stories are also included:

Halloween - Süßes oder Saures

Everyone in town knows the stories of Aunt Ethel. She lives alone in an old house on the outskirts of town and on Halloween, it is said, she serves candied human trifles to her visitors. Nobody suspects that the reality is much more cruel than everyone expected. After one of their friends has been missing for a few days, Mandy, Melissa and Mark plan to put an end to the witch for good. When they arrive at Aunt Ethel’s house, they just see Melissa’s little nephew Gio disappearing into the house with Ethel in search of sweets. But their clumsy rescue attempt fails and they are captured by Ethel. She reveals that over 30 years ago she was cursed by a witch to send 31 innocent souls to hell every year. But who will be number 31 on your list this year …?

Kiler Sofa - Nimm gerne Platz

Francesca (Piimio Mei) is a lovely young woman. But somehow she has the feeling that she always attracts crazy people. When one of her stalkers is found dead, she finally seeks consolation from her friend Maxi. She recently inherited a comfortable armchair from her grandfather Jack. But the armchair hides a dark secret: Before his death, Jack found out that the armchair is possessed by an evil and bloodthirsty ghost and pays for it with his life.

When Maxi gives the armchair to Francesca, the deadly piece of furniture again develops a devilish life of its own. He likes to eat Francesca and doesn’t tolerate rivals!

Strange Nature

Based on real events that occurred in Duluth Minnesota in the mid-1990s, for which there is no official scientific explanation to date. Kim Sweet (Lisa Sheridan) wants to move in with her eleven-year-old son Brody (Jonah Beres) to live with their cancerous father in Duluth. The hut they move into is surrounded by swamps, like the whole city. But when malformed frogs and animals appear in the wild and people disappear without a trace, the population’s concern increases. But despite a lot of evidence that Kim has amassed, the city leaders seem unwilling to take action. Only when the first human casualty is to be mourned does the sheriff take notice and put together a search party for the swamps …

Theatre of Fear

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind brew of murder and mayhem such as can only be experienced at the Moreau family’s midnight circus. With their frightening show, they travel across the UK and shock their unsuspecting viewers, not all of whom will see the light of day alive again. Only those who are willing to put aside all reservations and inhibitions and leave the mind open for this insane experience have a chance of surviving the idea.

Are you ready for a visit to the Theater of Fear?

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