UCM.ONE celebrated the nationwide theatrical release of Zora Rux‘s absurd comedy “Second Thoughts” (German title: “Ich Ich Ich“) on Wednesday evening at Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei in the presence of the filmmaker, cast and crew. The Darling Berlin film starring Elisa Pl├╝ss and Thomas Fr├Ąnzel will be released in German cinemas on Thursday 01 December 2022 and is a multi-perspective exploration of relationships in absurd tableaux. A young woman escapes to the countryside to think about her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. In the process, her thoughts personify themselves around her and give her advice and tips on how to proceed in her life.


Marie (Elisa Pl├╝ss) is surprised by her boyfriend Julian (Thomas Fr├Ąnzel) with a marriage proposal at his brother’s wedding in front of the assembled family. Marie has no idea how to react to this. She piles into the countryside to think about herself, her life and her relationship alone. Alone?

In her mother’s holiday home, things soon become increasingly cramped and absurd: for Marie’s thoughts suddenly take shape, her thought-people become more numerous and penetrating. They force possible baby names on her, an ex-boyfriend climbs down trees and a “lyrical me” in a sari proclaims Marie’s inner world in verse. Finally, her would-be fianc├ę arrives in the deceptive loneliness of the Uckermark for real and brings a whole busload of his own thought people with him…

Comments about the movie

“In her feature film debut, Zora Rux shows a life world so alienated that it seems to belong to everyone else rather than to the protagonist’s “I”.” (FAZ)

“About the search for a “we”. In her film, Zora Rux takes the viewer into the surreal world of visualised thoughts.” (Schw├Ąbische Zeitung)

┬á“Directed by Zora Rux in a way that is as original as it is masterful.” (Tagesspiegel)

“Director Zora Rux finds convincing and surprising and overwhelming moments in her feature-length debut Ich Ich. Incredible images, psychologically precise and playfully light. It’s funny and profound and exciting throughout.” (Filmdienst)

“This imaginative feature film debut is in the tradition of Swedish surrealist Roy Andersson. With poetic images, the film plumbs the search for one’s own path in life through the introspection of the main characters.” (Fimdienst)

Second Thoughts | Trailer (German with English Subs) ᴴᴰ

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