In times of closed clubs and venues due to a virus that cripples the world it’s music that can give us comfort. Thankfully Betatec takes on the challenge and manages to hit the nail on the head with his new EP.
The EP kicks off with a massive remix by Alex Connors & Hardy Heller who – as their German remix title implies – are “taking no prisonors”. From the first second onwards this track carries its listeners due to a rampant beat that leads up to a beautifully arranged melodic theme which creates a contrastive moment of relief before we get sucked back into an adventurous ride.
The second title ‘Domo‘ takes up perfectly and establishes itself as an atmospheric beauty that runs unwaveringly towards a climax that is followed by a bone-dry drop. But there’s even more Techno inside this EP. ‘Lush‘ is a dark monster that will float around in your auditory canal after just a few minutes of listening to that beast. To round this versatile EP off Betatec added ‘SLS‘, a groovy but nevertheless darkish piece of music, spiced up with organic percussions and a super smooth yet energized vibe.
An EP packed with energy, emotions and variety. Go check it out.