Francesco Riga - Black Angel
Francesco Riga is back on Harthouse with his new Black Angel EP, a promising two-tracker that takes care of all you Technoheads out there. Uncompromising, reviving and straight to the auditory canal, this EP is a bombastic sledgehammer.
The eponymous A-side is a repetitive whirlwind that gets its teeth into the listeners’ conscience and creates an intoxicating moment with a female vocal that brings the throbbing machinery to a halt before releasing the audience back into its trancelike state of mind.
Deal With It” – the B-side – even shifts up a gear and flexes its muscles. Hypnotic, bursting with grit and forward pushing like a massive steam engine, Deal With It seems unstoppable and contagious.

Two no-brainer on one EP, there’s definitely no escape once you’ve listened to Francesco Riga’s latest coup.