Producers Marco Zaffarano and Andy Lupoli present their latest release “Fly High EP” on the German Harthouse label. This 3rd EP of the two contains three first-class techno tracks that will delight every fan of electronic music.

The first track on the EP, “Escape from Reality“, is an energetic piece with fast beats and a driving bass that invites you to get down on the dance floor. The second track, “Possession“, is a little deeper, but no less intense. The hypnotic synthesisers and the pounding beat create a fascinating atmosphere that casts a spell over the listener.

Finally, the third track, “Fly High“, closes the EP with a bang. As the name suggests, this is a funky track with a groovy bass that will get listeners dancing. Overall, the “Fly High EP” is an excellent release from Zaffarano and Lupoli that definitely deserves a place in any good techno collection.

Marco Zaffarano & Andy Lupoli - Fly High


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More information about the label: Harthouse