Journeyman “has something”: a certain feeling for deep house beats and sounds. Unbelievably, these tracks are already 20 years old and come from none other than Jean F. Cochois (aka The Timewriter). In 2001, the tracks were officially released only in the USA on the Driftwood label, now again on Plastic City FX.
The EP starts with a simple “Kiss” (German “Kuss“). The first track begins with a wonderfully nervous percussion thunderstorm, under which a deep bass drum rumbles and then soars into buttery soft spheres. Above it is the simple message “Kiss
This is followed by the title track of the EP “Has Got To” and it really takes off. The release is rounded off with the beautifully relaxed number “Jump On“, which pulls you into an even deeper vortex of sounds and beats from classic Deep House.

Journeyman - Has Got To (Plastic City FX) | Teaser


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